This is a Blog about what I feel every day, amidst silences or words, amongst people or alone. We all are constantly thinking but only some pen it down. I read someday that there’s no better way to convey your thoughts than writing, then I decided to finally write them up.

I want to write something meaningful that when you read it, you can hold that thought for quite a while. I’m a proud Feminist & I’m sorry for that because my words, they’ll always be subtly curved towards women. I’m biased towards my Gender. I want my words to represent my Gender in the face of the misogynists, to convey to them that there’s only one advantage to Women as a gender and it is that, they are not Men. I want to write something that urges someone to speak, to act against the wrong.

My thoughts are just like me, Clear and Confused at the same time. They’re not always clear notions but more often than not, questions. So, I really want to spread my curiosity and see who finds the answer first.

I want to write about positivity and love, trees and dove, anything and absolutely everything at the same time. It’s going to be some journey, I believe. Bon Voyage!

P.S- “Whatever I post will be my original work if not otherwise stated. If you wish to copy, please ask me via an e-mail before you do with the reference.”